Monday, 21 December 2009

A new year, a new season, time to get excited about the Spring/Summer 2010 collections!

However being a bit of a winter baby, I find it sort of difficult to get excited about floral (boring) and so much white (dangerous), and don’t get me started on colour (not happening). Terrifying. I long for the comforts of my furs, layers of scarf, spiky heeled boots and good old reliable black! Everyone who knows me knows I just don’t do Summer, give me a raining, hailing, frosty, snowy London day and I will rejoice, my entire wardrobe being especially prepared for just such a day.

But anyway, it is again that time of year where I am forced to consider a “Summer Wardrobe”, and I am confident, with Wolf & Badger for ideas and inspiration, I am going to make this summer work for me!

I am so excited by what I have seen at Fashion Week from Swedish designer Sofie Elvestedt for Minimarket who is on board for our February Launch. I love the pops of colour, which are totally unthreatening to a colour-phobe like me, and the knitwear! I am in love with this quirky shark print sweater, in this beautiful subtle mint green, and these gorgeous peg-leg trousers. Perfection.

Also loving these pink trousers, light, comfortable, and protect my pasty legs from the eyes of the public. Sold. Minimarket I’m in love, and now have a bit of an obsession with summer trousers, and THAT sweater.

The search continues...

White Rabbit

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