Friday, 29 October 2010

Trick or Treat Party!

With the most frightening weekend of the year upon us, we can’t ignore the opportunity to join in, having craftily come up with our very own scary spectacle to introduce some new treats to the Wolf & Badger boutique. We will be sure to provide all the glorious eye candy you will ever need in the form of our exciting array of new designers coming into the boutique this coming quarter as of November 1st.

Ahilya, Catherine Zoraida, Clag Design, Fernando Jorge, Henry Christ, Jacqueline Clark, James Dougall, Jasper Garvida, Karen Bartlett, Leonardo Pieroni, Lilee, Lu Flux, Lipop London, Momocreatura, Piano Necktie, Posthuman Wardrobe, Prive Jewellery, Richard Brendon, Rus In Urbe, Shan Valla, Tactile Wonderland along with all the other existing designers shall be introduced on Wednesday the 3rd of November at Wolf & Badger’s very own Trick or Treat Party. Of course Fancy Dress is compulsory, with our event being held only 3 days after Halloween there is no excuse not to recycle those creepy costumes, and with top tunes provided by DJ Rowdy Superst*r you'll soon find yourself under his spell, forgetting any inhibitions you once had. As you can see on our invite only those dressed up can gorge on our sickeningly scrumptious sweets and cocktails – you most certainly won’t want to miss out on those!

And don’t forgo your chance to mingle with a bunch of other creatures of the night at the after-party just round the corner at the Lonsdale in conjunction with their First Wednesdays...we look forward to seeing you all there!

In screaming woods and empty rooms

or gloomy vaults and sunken tombs;

where monks and nuns in dust decay,

and shadows dance at close of day.

Where the bat dips on the wing

and spectral choirs on breezes sing;

where swords of ancient battles clash

and shimmering shades for freedom dash

Where silver webs of spiders weave

and blighted lovers take their leave;

where curses lay the spirits low

and mortal footsteps fear to go.

Where death holds life in grim embrace

its line’s etched on the sinners face;

where e’er the march of time is flaunted

Voices cry - “this place is haunted”

The Haunting by Richard Jones

Style Feature: A fantastical day in Notting Hill

Clearly impatient to start dressing up in our scary costumes for the Trick or Treat Party, we let out the inner witch and chose an outfit appropriate for the upcoming Halloween Weekend for this week's style feature.

When I was roaming through the streets of Notting Hill and no one wanted to give me treats, my golden Pig (thank you FS Augusta for this lovely company) and I were up for some mischief.

Dancing through West London and wearing the gorgeous E.G Cape Jacket and Federica Moretti's handmade hat, I felt a bit like Mary Poppins and as chimneys weren't available, I opted for swinging on railings...

... and walking on walls.

My surreal adventure was made complete by wearing Gwendolyn Carrie's juicy red Simone Shoes that could be straight out of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale. "The Red Shoes"

Carrying on the Hans Christian Andersen theme, Gal Stern's "Goldfish" tights made me feel a little bit like "The Little Mermaid".

I shall suggest that as a new name for tights when I see her tomorrow at her Trunk Show.

Gal Stern will be holding her Trunk Show tomorrow from 12-6pm in our boutique, make sure to drop by!

A Halloween Weekend outfit wouldn't be complete without some bones and bodyparts, so we added Patricia Nicolas' "Skeleton Hand Bracelet with Peridot" (above) and Strange Fruit's "Heart Pendant".

Bling Deenie's sparkly red rings were such a perfect match to the shoes, so that we didn't chose just one but four. Obviously they do not only match my shoes.

Olivia Rubin's "Brick Shirt" and the shorts from Sado completed this outfit and were definitely the perfect choice for such a magical day.

Happy Halloween, we are looking forward to seeing you at the Trick or Treat Party.

All items available in the boutique

Gal Stern - "Goldfish" Tights 39£
Sado - "Shorts" £340
Olivia Rubin - "Brick T-Shirt" £81
E.G. - "Cape Jacket" £780
Gwendolyn Carrie - "Simone Shoe" £320
Patricia Nicolas - "Skeleton Hand Bracelet" £400
Bling Deenie - "Crystal Ring" £58
Strange Fruit - "Heart Pendant with Rubies" £355
FS Augusta - "Pig Ring" £410
FS Augsta - "Dali Earrings" £370

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Open Call for all Artists

Frankly we don't get into the Christmas spirit just yet. When the first stores start to display their Christmas decoration already in August, it rather evokes a shortening reaction. With Christmas starting earlier and earlier these days, it is easy to grow weary off it, rather than to experience it as a special time of the year.

Please let's Christmas not become the next Valentines Day (who does really enjoy that day?).

Let's remember how magical the Christmas time was during our childhoods. Certainly one of the most exciting parts of Christmas is the time leading up to it. I remember the joyful impatience before I could open one of 24 doors of my advent calendar every morning.

We want that feeling back... and we want you to be part of it.

For our first Christmas season we came up with a special window treat. At each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas we will unveil the window -just like an advent calendar- featuring artwork from a selected artist.


Please read all information on how you can be part of our Christmas-Spirit-Saving-Mission on our poster shown below.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Tuesday-Tune: Bonobo feat. Andreya Triana - The Keeper

Shame on me! I again didn't manage to stick to my intention of writing our music monday entry. However, I opt for creativity instead of guilty conscience:

Let me introduce the Tuesday-Tune. We will see with how many music related weekday names I will come up. Obviously I won't write a Music Monday, Tuesday-Tune and Thursday-Track entry each week, but at least it gives us the opportunity to juggle the hustle and bustle of the Wolf & Badger world and an insight in our musical preferences.

Wolf & Badger isn't directly involved with music, but we are very passionate about it. We are happy that we had the opportunity to work with great DJs like Rowdy Superst*r and bands like The Neutronics and A.Human at our various events so far. Just ask our interns how serious we take the daily music selection in the office. They better have a music wish at hand, elsewise Cellina and me will completely take over.

One of our all time favourites (I think of all of us) is Bonobo.

The following track or let's better say the whole album "Black Sands" is perfect for the charming English rain weather. Each single track is ideal for letting yourself fall into the music and dream away. Although I would prefer a more comfortable place than my work place for this, the "zoning out quality" is well appreciated to have a short break in between emails, phone calls and meetings.


PS: Bonobo will be playing at the 12th December at Troxy in London.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Weekend Plans: A bike trip through London

Inspired by our last style feature, in which we feared that Luke would jump on the bike to escape our paparazzi-esque attack, we want to suggest a bike tour for this weekend.

When we saw this poster in Melt Chocolates (dangerously located diagonal opposite of our boutique), we decided that you should start your day at Borough market. Aside from enjoying its regular culinary delights, you will have the chance to visit the Chocolate Unwrapped Show in Vinopolis from 11am to 7pm. My highlight would undoubtfully be the chocolate tasting and sampling, but have a look at the full schedule here!

As far as we are concerned, all our good intentions to taste just one or two pieces would be forgotten after the tenth piece, hence we would suggest trying to soothe the bad conscience by taking a long cycle ride westwards to Notting Hill to check out
Zanacco's trunk show at our boutique between 12 an 5.30pm and to enjoy a well-deserved glass of champagne.

Afterwards, carefully take a cycle up to Regents Park and spend the afternoon checking out
Frieze Art Fair – definitely not to be missed.

Once you warmed up again and provided that you are still perceptive enough, head down to the Barbican to while away what's left of the day at the
Bicycle Film Festival (yes, we take our bike theme very serious!).

After such an active Saturday, you certainly deserve a relaxed Sunday!

We will certainly have a slow Sunday and visit the exhibition of new installations, light works, sculptures and prints by
James Turrell at the Gagosian Gallery and maintain the high level of blood sugar of the previous day with the best cheesecake in London!

Have a great weekend and be safe on the road!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Thursday Track: I blame Coco - In Spirit Golden

We really like the upcoming single "In Spirit Golden" from I blame Coco.

We think Coco has a great sense of style and the casual look is a welcome change (I was seriously jealous of her flats she was wearing during LFW when I walked in high heels over the cobblestones at Somerset House).

It didn't surprise us that she picked Macha's 45 Knuckle ring for her video.

Another reason why we love the video is the super cute Wolf.

Check her (Badger insists it must be female, because Wolf is so smitten) and Coco's new single out here:

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Paparazzi - Badgers can be surprisingly fast

We had to be fast, but we caught him...

Our first male model for the style feature on our blog.

As you have certainly noticed, the pictures and models of our style feature are rather amateur than professional and we struggled to convince Wolf or Badger to lend their beauty to our blog.

Luckily Becc, our lovely assistant store manager, introduced us to Luke and we could win him over to play model for us.

I ususally feel quite uncomfortable myself in front of cameras, so I absolutely understand that he tried to escape by bike at first.

Luckily for us, Luke isn't used to Leather Jeans like the "5 Pocket Leather Jeans" from Jay Kos. Otherwise I would have had to tie the shoe strings from the Zanacco's "Castello Dimgrey" together to keep him from climbing on that bike!

The spotlight on the Zanacco shoes serves them right, as we would like to draw your attention to Zanacco's Trunk Show in our boutique on Saturday, 16th October, from 12 - 5.30pm. Come down to have a drink and talk to Jasmine, the designer.

Before I drift off and Luke uses my attention gap to escape, let's take a closer look at Melanie James' "Cashmere Jumper" and Hentsch Man's "Sunday Shirt".

Judging by the detail in the neck it's a match made in heaven!

The following image might suggest that we actually had to force him to stay in front of the camera, but I can assure you that we had a lot of fun and this is not the last time you will see Luke in our style feature.

It was just the pose the capture a good close up of Tomasz' "Chesterfield Hunter Bangle".

Once again, a big Thank You! to Luke, we are looking forward to the next time!

All items available at Wolf & Badger

Melanie James - Round Neck Cashmere Jumper £125
Hentsch Man - Sunday Shirt
Jay Kos - 5 Pocket Leather Jeans £980
Zanacco - Castello Dim Grey £265
Tomasz - Chesterfield Hunter Bangle £6850

Friday, 8 October 2010

Weekend Plans: Put your Dancing Shoes on

I have to say, I feel a bit bad that we are so behind with the blog. As some may know (and most probably won't), we are catching up with our crop of London Fashion Week. The appointments with all the designers are very exciting and we have had great people in so far, but at the same time it is really tricky to catch up with everything else.

However, now it's time to enjoy the weekend. As last week, I compiled a small selection of suggestions for the weekend.

If I manage to finally leave my spot behind the screen, I will pop down to the Noughtie Nightlife exhibition.

Noughtie Nightlife is a free photography exhibition from September 9th - October 2nd hosted by Rich Mix , curated by Antony Price, himself a photographer and DJ, and includes images by a range of prominent club, trend and fashion photographers.

"Focusing on the fashion, faces and attitudes of cult London club nights, Noughtie Nightlife celebrates the first decade of the new century through the images that tell the story, taken by the photographers who were there. Legendary nights such as Kash Point, Nag Nag Nag, Trash, Anti-Social, All You Can Eat, Durrr, Smash & Grab, Boombox, Circus, secretsundaze and Caligula captured a generation of clubbers who embraced the rapidly expanding world of digital technology and social networking and emerged as a hybrid mix ‘n’ match style tribe, both in terms of music, fashion and cultural beliefs."

(by Antony Price)

(by Chirstopher James)

I hope that the exhibition will get me in the right dancing mood. On Saturday I will quickly visit our boutique. I know you must think that I am a work-a-holic, but I actually I just want to catch up with Joux Joux and pick my perfect dancing shoes. I am usually a big fan of highheels, but I think I will enjoy the dancefloor this week even more in these ones... What do you think?

Joux Joux will be this weeks designer to hold a Trunk Show in our boutique. From 12 - 6pm Alison will be in the boutique to present her fabulous shoes. A little badger told me that she won't be alone, but in company of prosecco and minicupcakes - what does woman want more?
A sweet treat and shoe shopping at once? The best way to celebrate a Saturday!

After a night out, the best way to get the energy back for the next week, is a slow Sunday. I think of flower therapy on Columbia Road's flowermarket.

If I am already in this corner of the town, I might as well see what one of our jewellery designers Tomasz Donocik is up to. He is currently involved in a pop up shop, that showcases his "Boom and Dynamite" collection, which he collaborated with Tina Lilienthal on.

Last but not least I will lean back and let others do the dancing. This weekend is the first weekend of the dance festival Dance Umbrella.

Have a great weekend and don't forget those dancing shoes....

x S

PS: I was really amazed that someone figured out within minutes who was the blogger hidden in the LFW post. So... who can tell me which song I keep referring to?

Monday, 4 October 2010

Music Monday - Bon Iver

Bon Iver is one of our all time favourites in the office, especially when it gets a bit hectic around here. I am sure that now that the days get shorter, we will even increase the frequency of hearing Bon Iver.

Given that the name of the band is based on the French phrase "bon hiver", meaning good winter, it is kind of given that it will make the perfect soundtrack for the upcoming cold times.

Our recommendation for winding down after a long day (I can already see myself cuddled up on the couch) and dedicated to everyone who got stressed by the tube strike today obviously will have to be

Friday, 1 October 2010

Weekend plans: A short trip to Scandinavia

Another exciting week in our Wolf & Badger world is over and we are looking forward to a nice weekend!

Traditionally our Friday lunchbreak conversations evolve around the question "Who is doing what this weekend?" and we thought that it would be fun share our ideas with you!

The advent of autumn always reminds me of Finland; it must be the chilly air and the memories of layering clothes to stay warm. When I heard that this weekend is the last weekend of HEL YES!, it immediately got a spot in my priority list.

HEL YES! is a temporary restaurant and exhibition imagined and realised by a creative team of Finnish designers and food visionaries and part of the London Design Festival. HEL YES! is open until 3rd October. More information can be found here.

Another interesting perspective on Finland is offered by one of the pioneers of streetstyle blogs, Hel Looks.

If you are interested in streetstyles, you should follow Cellina's suggestion for the weekend and check out the Streetstyle exhibition at The Book Club.

The Streetstyle exhibition features images from the book as well as showcases a series of talks and discussions with Ted and guests about the past, present and future of Street Style and subcultural fashion.

The current streetstyle in London is certainly dominated by layers of warm clothes and knitwear. I have to admit that I am a bit jealous when I look at the collection of Sue Hill.
I am talking about beautiful hand knits made from the softest yarn (80% extra fine merino, 20% cashmere). Too bad for me that the clothes are only available for up to 8 years old. If I would have a kid, I would make sure to visit our boutique tomorrow (2nd Oct), as Sue Hill will be holding a trunk show from 12 - 6pm.

Sue Hill is well known for unique and classic hand knitted baby clothes as well as hand knitted classic coats, dresses and sweaters for boys and girls up to 8yrs. She will show more items from her collection and be available for a chat during her trunk show.

Maybe I should ask her if I can get one of this beautiful hooded jackets in my size?!

If I manage to get wrapped up warm enough (and it stops raining) another option for the weekend is a trip to Kensington Gardens, which currently hosts the exhibition of Anish Kapoor's outdoor scultpures "Turning The World Upside Down".

However, since the exhibition will be open until march, my alternative to walking through the rain is to continue my short trip to Scandinavia and to have a relaxed afternoon in. A nice cup of tea, a good book and the Swedish band "Little Dragon" on repeat always makes a perfect Sunday afternoon treat...

We wish you all a beautiful weekend and would love to hear what you are up to!