Friday, 8 October 2010

Weekend Plans: Put your Dancing Shoes on

I have to say, I feel a bit bad that we are so behind with the blog. As some may know (and most probably won't), we are catching up with our crop of London Fashion Week. The appointments with all the designers are very exciting and we have had great people in so far, but at the same time it is really tricky to catch up with everything else.

However, now it's time to enjoy the weekend. As last week, I compiled a small selection of suggestions for the weekend.

If I manage to finally leave my spot behind the screen, I will pop down to the Noughtie Nightlife exhibition.

Noughtie Nightlife is a free photography exhibition from September 9th - October 2nd hosted by Rich Mix , curated by Antony Price, himself a photographer and DJ, and includes images by a range of prominent club, trend and fashion photographers.

"Focusing on the fashion, faces and attitudes of cult London club nights, Noughtie Nightlife celebrates the first decade of the new century through the images that tell the story, taken by the photographers who were there. Legendary nights such as Kash Point, Nag Nag Nag, Trash, Anti-Social, All You Can Eat, Durrr, Smash & Grab, Boombox, Circus, secretsundaze and Caligula captured a generation of clubbers who embraced the rapidly expanding world of digital technology and social networking and emerged as a hybrid mix ‘n’ match style tribe, both in terms of music, fashion and cultural beliefs."

(by Antony Price)

(by Chirstopher James)

I hope that the exhibition will get me in the right dancing mood. On Saturday I will quickly visit our boutique. I know you must think that I am a work-a-holic, but I actually I just want to catch up with Joux Joux and pick my perfect dancing shoes. I am usually a big fan of highheels, but I think I will enjoy the dancefloor this week even more in these ones... What do you think?

Joux Joux will be this weeks designer to hold a Trunk Show in our boutique. From 12 - 6pm Alison will be in the boutique to present her fabulous shoes. A little badger told me that she won't be alone, but in company of prosecco and minicupcakes - what does woman want more?
A sweet treat and shoe shopping at once? The best way to celebrate a Saturday!

After a night out, the best way to get the energy back for the next week, is a slow Sunday. I think of flower therapy on Columbia Road's flowermarket.

If I am already in this corner of the town, I might as well see what one of our jewellery designers Tomasz Donocik is up to. He is currently involved in a pop up shop, that showcases his "Boom and Dynamite" collection, which he collaborated with Tina Lilienthal on.

Last but not least I will lean back and let others do the dancing. This weekend is the first weekend of the dance festival Dance Umbrella.

Have a great weekend and don't forget those dancing shoes....

x S

PS: I was really amazed that someone figured out within minutes who was the blogger hidden in the LFW post. So... who can tell me which song I keep referring to?

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