Friday, 29 October 2010

Style Feature: A fantastical day in Notting Hill

Clearly impatient to start dressing up in our scary costumes for the Trick or Treat Party, we let out the inner witch and chose an outfit appropriate for the upcoming Halloween Weekend for this week's style feature.

When I was roaming through the streets of Notting Hill and no one wanted to give me treats, my golden Pig (thank you FS Augusta for this lovely company) and I were up for some mischief.

Dancing through West London and wearing the gorgeous E.G Cape Jacket and Federica Moretti's handmade hat, I felt a bit like Mary Poppins and as chimneys weren't available, I opted for swinging on railings...

... and walking on walls.

My surreal adventure was made complete by wearing Gwendolyn Carrie's juicy red Simone Shoes that could be straight out of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale. "The Red Shoes"

Carrying on the Hans Christian Andersen theme, Gal Stern's "Goldfish" tights made me feel a little bit like "The Little Mermaid".

I shall suggest that as a new name for tights when I see her tomorrow at her Trunk Show.

Gal Stern will be holding her Trunk Show tomorrow from 12-6pm in our boutique, make sure to drop by!

A Halloween Weekend outfit wouldn't be complete without some bones and bodyparts, so we added Patricia Nicolas' "Skeleton Hand Bracelet with Peridot" (above) and Strange Fruit's "Heart Pendant".

Bling Deenie's sparkly red rings were such a perfect match to the shoes, so that we didn't chose just one but four. Obviously they do not only match my shoes.

Olivia Rubin's "Brick Shirt" and the shorts from Sado completed this outfit and were definitely the perfect choice for such a magical day.

Happy Halloween, we are looking forward to seeing you at the Trick or Treat Party.

All items available in the boutique

Gal Stern - "Goldfish" Tights 39£
Sado - "Shorts" £340
Olivia Rubin - "Brick T-Shirt" £81
E.G. - "Cape Jacket" £780
Gwendolyn Carrie - "Simone Shoe" £320
Patricia Nicolas - "Skeleton Hand Bracelet" £400
Bling Deenie - "Crystal Ring" £58
Strange Fruit - "Heart Pendant with Rubies" £355
FS Augusta - "Pig Ring" £410
FS Augsta - "Dali Earrings" £370

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