Friday, 15 October 2010

Weekend Plans: A bike trip through London

Inspired by our last style feature, in which we feared that Luke would jump on the bike to escape our paparazzi-esque attack, we want to suggest a bike tour for this weekend.

When we saw this poster in Melt Chocolates (dangerously located diagonal opposite of our boutique), we decided that you should start your day at Borough market. Aside from enjoying its regular culinary delights, you will have the chance to visit the Chocolate Unwrapped Show in Vinopolis from 11am to 7pm. My highlight would undoubtfully be the chocolate tasting and sampling, but have a look at the full schedule here!

As far as we are concerned, all our good intentions to taste just one or two pieces would be forgotten after the tenth piece, hence we would suggest trying to soothe the bad conscience by taking a long cycle ride westwards to Notting Hill to check out
Zanacco's trunk show at our boutique between 12 an 5.30pm and to enjoy a well-deserved glass of champagne.

Afterwards, carefully take a cycle up to Regents Park and spend the afternoon checking out
Frieze Art Fair – definitely not to be missed.

Once you warmed up again and provided that you are still perceptive enough, head down to the Barbican to while away what's left of the day at the
Bicycle Film Festival (yes, we take our bike theme very serious!).

After such an active Saturday, you certainly deserve a relaxed Sunday!

We will certainly have a slow Sunday and visit the exhibition of new installations, light works, sculptures and prints by
James Turrell at the Gagosian Gallery and maintain the high level of blood sugar of the previous day with the best cheesecake in London!

Have a great weekend and be safe on the road!

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