Monday, 23 August 2010

Wolf & Badger Selfridges Summer Residency Launch

The Wolf & Badger Summer Residency has now launched in Selfridges, Oxford Street! Showcasing collections from some of our new season designers, we are presenting some of the finest art, jewellery and design pieces, alongside an exciting and interactive arts programme curated by Nathalie Levi in conjunction with Salon Contemporary.

Running exclusively from August 12th until August 31st, we held our launch party which was a roaring success. Mouthy, interactive art performances from Jessica Tsang were accompanied by the musical (and very exuberant!) genius of A-Human. Guests meandered through a plethora of our innovative new designers and their collections, and marvelled at unique art works. Monobrowed ladies offered gin & jelly beans and kept the party spirit alive! Selfridges gift bags for each guest and an after party at Whistler Lodge styled Moose Bar, topped off what really was a fantastic evening (photographs are up now on our Facebook page)

Our residency will continue until August 31st and we have a fantastic programme of musicians and artists appearing, we still have so much to come.....

Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th August - Bill Aitchinson will be performing, which plays upon the borders of truth and fiction within the field of art, politics, propaganda and entertainment.

Thursday 26th August - Vanessa Harden, Kevin Hill, Ben Fagan will be exhibiting their Beeswax Sculpture and video installation. From 11am to 12pm Joao Noro will be giving a ‘Live Painting’ Performance, and from 12pm onwards Keira Rathbone will be enchanting us with her Typewriter Art Performance.

Friday 27th August - 12pm onwards: Keira Rathbone, Typewriter Art Performance 1pm: Steve McGarrity, Human Plinth Peformance. 8pm: Bull in a Field, a live band will be taking us into the weekend.

Saturday 28th - from 11am – 4pm Natalie Marie Dray will be transforming our Selfridges area into a glorified transmission of desire and want, like a television commercial, but from an Alien broadcast commercial.

4pm: Steve McGarrity, Human Plinth Performance
7pm: Caroline Pooley will be soothing away the shopping madness with her Operatic tones.

Sunday 29th - Sophie Cullinan, Worn, Interactive Sculpture, alongside from 11am onwards, Anna Ricciardi's Mermaid Performance. A truly theatrical event in a space which suits the concerns and sensibilities of the space. In this performance, Anna can evoke both the horrors and the glories of the English sea-side town in the reinterpretation of this myth, as a living, breathing, flirtatious, chocolate-eating mermaid.

1‐1.20pm: Matt Cowan, Performance Jig
1.20‐4pm: Matt Cowan, Performance DJ Set

Monday 30th: The Silent Awkwardstra, Improvised Live Music
Tuesday 31st: 6.30‐7.30pm: Sophie Roos, Tim Elliot, Kathryn Walker,
Joe Thompson, Opera Quartet.

So many fantastic performances in store, make sure you come down and experience this temporary artistic oasis.

Wolf & Badger are in the Selfridges Wonder Room, Oxford Street until August 31st.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Travel in Style

Inspired by one of our team members travelling to New York and the general wish to escape the grey clouds over London and to go on a holiday somewhere where the sun shines, we ended up in a discussion about travelling styles. Whilst we all acknowledge that we want to travel in comfortable clothes, we just don't see the point in wearing a track suit outside of a fitness centre. Hence we asked Zoe, if she could put together a comfortable yet stylish outfit, for our upcoming (partially imaginary) trips.

Zoe's combination proves that uncomplicated style does not need to mean unglamorous. The "Biker Jeans" from Alina stand out with details like the padded knees and the asymmetrical seamline over the thigh. Paired with the cream coloured jacket "Malvina" by Tosha and the ivory coloured "Short top" by Sado the outfit gets a slightly elegant touch.

The Pony Skin heeled boots "Beswike" by JouxJoux are not only extremely comfortable, but add a striking element to the outfit. No wonder they did not only catch our eyes...

Not less eye- catching is Moncrief's "Weekend Bag". As the name already suggests it has the perfect size for a trip over the weekend. Big enough to accomodate a set of outfits, yet small enough to count as cabin baggage. (We want to travel not only in style, but smart as well and skip the waiting times in the baggage claim area).

As the accessories and the striking "Global Ring" made from silver and lemon quartz by Annamaria S. are rather outstanding, Zoe completed the outfit with the subtle "Gold Knot"necklace by Macha Jewellery and Eleftheria Karela's playful "pearl feather earings".

We wish all you travellers bon voyage and are looking forward to postcards from all over the world!

Tosha - Malvina Jacket £895
Sado - Short Top £376
Alina - Biker Jeans £150
Moncrief - Weekend Bag £2650
Jouxjoux - Beswike: Pony Skin heeled boot with lepoard print £395
AnnaMaria S - Global Ring £221
Eleftheria Karela - Peal feather earings £650
Macha Jewellery - Gold Knot Necklace £440

All items available in the Wolf & Badger boutique

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Wolf & Badger Wonder : Selfridges Summer Residency 12th – 31st August 2010

"The Selfridges Wonder Room is our destination for the world's most wondrous products”
Linda Hewson, Selfridges' head of creative on VOGUE.COM.

We are delighted to announce a Wolf & Badger Summer Residency in the Concept Area of the Selfridges Wonder Room, August 12th-31st.

We will be featuring pieces from the collections of some of our new designers in store for Autumn 2010.

Contemporary art will be displayed and curated by Nathalie Levi and Samir Ceric of Salon Contemporary, in association with Wolf & Badger, and performance artists will be enhancing what will be a fantastic experience for us.

Join us for the launch event at Moose Bar London on August 12th from 8pm with some electro beats from the legendary DJ Cologne & Slaughterbrains, and performance art from the Levantes Dance Theatre. RSVP on
Facebook now.

Not sure how we will be able to manage being around such beautiful pieces not to mention all the delights of the candy room! Hope to see you there, pop in to the Wonder Room in Selfridges and from Thursday August 12th.

Violet Darkling is inspired by the “darkness and all things nocturnal”

Troy Abbot’s ‘BirdCage’

Jasmin Rowlandson explores the rare, the everyday, the endangered and the ordinary and makes it into the spectacular.

Gisele Ganne’s electroformed ‘Divorce Ring’

Featured Designers in The Wolf & Badger Selfridges Residency:

Jewellery - Ambre France, Anna Maria S, Atelier Beger, Florence B,
Gisele Ganne, Mallarino, Miquella, Tomasz Donocik, Violet Darkling,

Accessories - Samuel Gassmann, Helen Ruth, Gal Stern, Wendy Stevens

Objects - Alex Bernard, BiS, Evthokia, Jasmin Rowlandson, Stuart
Richards, Troy Abbott

Art - Bouke de Vries, Sarah Gwyer, StranMcFarlane

Launch Party, August 12th 8pm – 3am at Moose Bar, 31 Duke Street, London W1U

Monday, 9 August 2010

Summer Party 4th August

We can finally spare a minute to share some impressions from our highly anticipated Summer Party with you!

As you might have already heard, we pooled together with Selfridges for the exciting collaboration "Summer Residency" and will have a concept store in Selfridges' Wonder Room August 12-31. We have some exciting suprises planned, so make sure not to miss it!

But before we completely immerse ourselves in final preparations, we want to thank everyone who came and made our Summer Party into such a fantastic evening!

Although the weather was a bit temperamental, you proved stamina and showed up in big numbers.

We really enjoyed drinking Pimms...

...listening to a DJ set by Oliver Fatemi...

...and not to forget trying the delicious gelato from DriDri!

At the later hour the party continued at The Lonsdale with their great cocktails.

We have plenty of more pictures of the party on our flickr and facebook. Have look! We absolutely agree with Emma from Vauxhall Fashion Scout that you guys were a "bustling fashionable crowd".

More impressions can be found on
Sarah's Scribbles, the Sketchbook Blog and the London Plinth!

And finally... have a look at the interview Samir and Zoe gave for ITN, who also featured the launch of Violet Darkling at Wolf & Badger.

We are already looking forward to enjoying the next party with you!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Anticipation is half of the fun!

Let's admit it, one of the best parts of parties is certainly the question "Who is wearing what?".
However this means that for days our lunch-break conversations have been centred on the question "What should I wear?" at our Summer Party tomorrow. It's shaping up to be a great night, so we want to enjoy it to the fullest including the fun of anticipation!

How often did we all find ourselves on the night of the party standing despairingly in front of a wardrobe full of nothing?! Not this time.... We are prepared!

We got together with Zoe in the boutique and looked for some inspiration for the perfect party outfit.

Zoe's odds-on favourite is the must-have item of the summer, a jumpsuit.

It's effortlessly chic and comfortable at the same time - perfect for Summer Parties that tend to take place outside.

The stunning printed jumpsuit from Natalie C is made from pure silk and makes you feel nothing but glamourous. To enhance this feeling, Zoe paired it with those amazing high heels from Rei Ixbalambke:

As the asymmetrical neckline of the jumpsuit makes necklaces surplus, Zoe chose statement pieces to accessorize.

Michal Lerman's "Pavoreal" cuff is most certainly an eyecatcher and we just love to combine it with her "Afrodita II" earrings.

The most dazzling piece is without doubt Gisele Ganne's "Divorce" ring. No wonder that the collection was one of the Stylelist's favourite suggestions for Sandra Bullock's 46th birthday.

We can't wait for tomorrow and are looking forward to you all arriving in numbers.

Do you already know what your are going to wear?

Natalie C - Printed silk jumpsuit £310
Michal Lerman - Afrodita II earrings £110 and Pavoreal cuff £310
Gisele Ganne - Divorce ring £975
Rei Ixbalambke - Litzy shoes £475

All items available in the Wolf & Badger boutique