Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Wolf & Badger Wonder : Selfridges Summer Residency 12th – 31st August 2010

"The Selfridges Wonder Room is our destination for the world's most wondrous products”
Linda Hewson, Selfridges' head of creative on VOGUE.COM.

We are delighted to announce a Wolf & Badger Summer Residency in the Concept Area of the Selfridges Wonder Room, August 12th-31st.

We will be featuring pieces from the collections of some of our new designers in store for Autumn 2010.

Contemporary art will be displayed and curated by Nathalie Levi and Samir Ceric of Salon Contemporary, in association with Wolf & Badger, and performance artists will be enhancing what will be a fantastic experience for us.

Join us for the launch event at Moose Bar London on August 12th from 8pm with some electro beats from the legendary DJ Cologne & Slaughterbrains, and performance art from the Levantes Dance Theatre. RSVP on
Facebook now.

Not sure how we will be able to manage being around such beautiful pieces not to mention all the delights of the candy room! Hope to see you there, pop in to the Wonder Room in Selfridges and from Thursday August 12th.

Violet Darkling is inspired by the “darkness and all things nocturnal”

Troy Abbot’s ‘BirdCage’

Jasmin Rowlandson explores the rare, the everyday, the endangered and the ordinary and makes it into the spectacular.

Gisele Ganne’s electroformed ‘Divorce Ring’

Featured Designers in The Wolf & Badger Selfridges Residency:

Jewellery - Ambre France, Anna Maria S, Atelier Beger, Florence B,
Gisele Ganne, Mallarino, Miquella, Tomasz Donocik, Violet Darkling,

Accessories - Samuel Gassmann, Helen Ruth, Gal Stern, Wendy Stevens

Objects - Alex Bernard, BiS, Evthokia, Jasmin Rowlandson, Stuart
Richards, Troy Abbott

Art - Bouke de Vries, Sarah Gwyer, StranMcFarlane

Launch Party, August 12th 8pm – 3am at Moose Bar, 31 Duke Street, London W1U

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  1. Good luck tonight. Wish I could have come to the launch party. Love what you do