Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Travel in Style

Inspired by one of our team members travelling to New York and the general wish to escape the grey clouds over London and to go on a holiday somewhere where the sun shines, we ended up in a discussion about travelling styles. Whilst we all acknowledge that we want to travel in comfortable clothes, we just don't see the point in wearing a track suit outside of a fitness centre. Hence we asked Zoe, if she could put together a comfortable yet stylish outfit, for our upcoming (partially imaginary) trips.

Zoe's combination proves that uncomplicated style does not need to mean unglamorous. The "Biker Jeans" from Alina stand out with details like the padded knees and the asymmetrical seamline over the thigh. Paired with the cream coloured jacket "Malvina" by Tosha and the ivory coloured "Short top" by Sado the outfit gets a slightly elegant touch.

The Pony Skin heeled boots "Beswike" by JouxJoux are not only extremely comfortable, but add a striking element to the outfit. No wonder they did not only catch our eyes...

Not less eye- catching is Moncrief's "Weekend Bag". As the name already suggests it has the perfect size for a trip over the weekend. Big enough to accomodate a set of outfits, yet small enough to count as cabin baggage. (We want to travel not only in style, but smart as well and skip the waiting times in the baggage claim area).

As the accessories and the striking "Global Ring" made from silver and lemon quartz by Annamaria S. are rather outstanding, Zoe completed the outfit with the subtle "Gold Knot"necklace by Macha Jewellery and Eleftheria Karela's playful "pearl feather earings".

We wish all you travellers bon voyage and are looking forward to postcards from all over the world!

Tosha - Malvina Jacket £895
Sado - Short Top £376
Alina - Biker Jeans £150
Moncrief - Weekend Bag £2650
Jouxjoux - Beswike: Pony Skin heeled boot with lepoard print £395
AnnaMaria S - Global Ring £221
Eleftheria Karela - Peal feather earings £650
Macha Jewellery - Gold Knot Necklace £440

All items available in the Wolf & Badger boutique

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