Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Anticipation is half of the fun!

Let's admit it, one of the best parts of parties is certainly the question "Who is wearing what?".
However this means that for days our lunch-break conversations have been centred on the question "What should I wear?" at our Summer Party tomorrow. It's shaping up to be a great night, so we want to enjoy it to the fullest including the fun of anticipation!

How often did we all find ourselves on the night of the party standing despairingly in front of a wardrobe full of nothing?! Not this time.... We are prepared!

We got together with Zoe in the boutique and looked for some inspiration for the perfect party outfit.

Zoe's odds-on favourite is the must-have item of the summer, a jumpsuit.

It's effortlessly chic and comfortable at the same time - perfect for Summer Parties that tend to take place outside.

The stunning printed jumpsuit from Natalie C is made from pure silk and makes you feel nothing but glamourous. To enhance this feeling, Zoe paired it with those amazing high heels from Rei Ixbalambke:

As the asymmetrical neckline of the jumpsuit makes necklaces surplus, Zoe chose statement pieces to accessorize.

Michal Lerman's "Pavoreal" cuff is most certainly an eyecatcher and we just love to combine it with her "Afrodita II" earrings.

The most dazzling piece is without doubt Gisele Ganne's "Divorce" ring. No wonder that the collection was one of the Stylelist's favourite suggestions for Sandra Bullock's 46th birthday.

We can't wait for tomorrow and are looking forward to you all arriving in numbers.

Do you already know what your are going to wear?

Natalie C - Printed silk jumpsuit £310
Michal Lerman - Afrodita II earrings £110 and Pavoreal cuff £310
Gisele Ganne - Divorce ring £975
Rei Ixbalambke - Litzy shoes £475

All items available in the Wolf & Badger boutique

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  1. She looks so beautiful!! And the clothes and accessories are ace too.