Thursday, 3 June 2010

Walpole Brands of Tomorrow 2010!

Last night we had the pleasure to attend the celebration of Walpole's "Brands of Tomorrow" for 2010. We were announced "Brands of Tomorrow" alongside Basso & Brooke, Charlotte Olympia Shoes, Mawi Jewellery, Rococo Chocolates, Josephine Home and Abahna. It is a great honour to us, especially because the scheme includes a bespoke mentoring and coaching program designed to support up-and-coming British luxury brands in becoming world-class leaders in their respective field.

Considering that one of the key-elements of our concept is the mentoring of the many talented designers that work together with us, we regard it as an amazing opportunity and generous offer to be mentored for the next year not only by Walpole chairman John Ayton, but as well by author and doyenne of luxury journalism Lucia van der Post.

The event took place at Browns Hotel in London.

A nice setting for such a luxurious occasion...

Each candidate had an opportunity to present his products to the members of Walpole, the mentors, journalists and of course the other new members.


Basso & Brooke

Charlotte Olympia

Josephine Home

Mawi Jewellery

Rococo Chocolates

We chose to bring glass decanters by BiS Productions, pink heels by Sonya Parenti, bite plates by Evthokia, carr├ęducker shoes, cufflinks and pin by Samuel Gassmann, a cuff by Mallarino, a necklace by Bex Rox and a ceramic sculpture by Jasmin Rowlandson, all of which we decorated on a beautiful Helen Ruth scarf:

Furthermore we showcased teacups by welovekaoru.

We enjoyed the evening (and as our Twitter followers know the preparations for the evening, too) ....

...and are looking forward to the upcoming year with Walpole

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