Friday, 5 November 2010

Weekend Plans: take your mind off things

I am sure that all of us are looking forward to the weekend. No matter how much we like our jobs, everyone needs a break. As you might all know, we work closely together with the designers at Wolf & Badger and of course it's not all straight business.

One recurrent theme of the little chats inbetween is how hard it is for creatives to take their mind of work.

This week's suggestions for the weekends hopefully help to change that at least for a while.

To my mind great food is always a good start to unwind, because concentrating on different flavours helps to shift the focus. Most people I know eat way to quickly during the week, treating food rather as fuel that keeps the engine running.

I can't imagine that anyone would do that in Aqua. Aqua is right on Regent Street on top of one of Londons most iconic buildings, the former Dickins & Jones department store. The interior looks as exquisite as the menu sounds.

Only reading "Aubergine mille-feuille with crispy manchego cheese" on their spanish menue (they offer contemporary Japanese and Spanish cuisine), takes my mind off work.

If indulgence isn't yet enough to keep work out of your thoughts, I am sure this amazing view will do the trick:

After being invigorated by delicacies, it's time to get active.

The launch of Futureshorts ONE, a pioneering live event connecting audiences in 12 countries and 50 cities on Saturday night sounds like a perfect option.

For one night the Village Underground will host an action packed night full of the best film, interactive installations and live music.

The live line-up includes Leon Lace DJ, Anna Calvi Live, Future Shorts November Selection, Paul White, Jozif Live and Hannah Holland.

Find more information and tickets here.

Take it easy on Sunday after a night out! Sleep in, have a long breakfast and a walk in the park and spend hours getting lost in a museum. One of my favourites for the latter is the Museum of Everything.

Don't worry if you missed it last time, the Museum of Everything has returned to Primrose Hill and will run until Christmas, so you have enough time to get lost.

Have a great weekend!
I am keen to hear your best ways of taking your mind off things...


PS: For all of you who can't get enough of Wolf & Badger and whose preferred way of unwinding is shopping, I can highly recommend droping by the boutique on Saturday between 12 and 6 pm, when you will have the opportunity to meet the designer behind Natalie C.

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