Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Can you hear wedding bells?

We here at Wolf and Badger love the summer…

The sunshine brightens the spirits and casts away the last remains of spring tiredness. It seems like everyone is determined to make the most of the summer and this attitude is reflected in our calendars –it is brimming with events!

One of our favourite events of the season are the beautiful summer weddings. Whilst the bride benefits from the timing (so many more options when it comes to the wedding dress; think of strapless dresses, backless and more), the choice for the guests clearly becomes more difficult.

As dark colours absorb the light, the little black dress is rather inconvenient. Very bright colours can quickly be too flashy and crème and white are obviously reserved for the bride!

Zoe Knight, the Creative Director of Wolf & Badger, styled an outfit for a summer wedding. She decided in favour of Sia Dimitriadi’s lovely peach coloured silk and chiffon dress.

It’s perfect for the warm temperatures as it is wonderfully light and breezy. The cute ruffle trimming at the neckline and the removable belt match such a romantic occasion.

Zoe paired the dress with grey lace shoes from Mary Ching Shanghai, a black Pagoda clutch from Aseef Vazaa, a playful gummy bracelet with an Aqua Marine stone from Anna Maria S. and gold pleated skull hand earrings from Patricia Nicholas.

The skull hand earrings were chosen to subtly toughen up the sweet, feminine outfit.

However this might be a bit too extreme for a classic wedding party, hence Zoe picked an alternative to create a cute and gentle outfit. How adorable are the bow chain earrings “Caroline” from Mallarino?

We are prepared for the next wedding, keep the invitations coming!

What are your Do’s and Don’ts for Summer weddings?

Sia Dimitriadi - Peach silk/chiffon dress £427 (sale price with 30% off £298.90)
Mary Ching Shanghai - 'Sissy' grey lace shoes £281
Aseef Vaza - 'Pagoda clutch' black patent leather and Ostrich skin £500 (sale price with 40% off £300)
Anna Maria S - Gummy bracelet with Aqua Marine stone £150 (sale price @30% off £105)
Patricia Nicholas - 'Skull hand earrings' Gold plated £321
Mallarino - 'Caroline' Vermeil bow chain earrings £214

All available in the Wolf & Badger boutique.

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