Monday, 26 July 2010

Local Love: This makes our heartbeat short

If you are an avid Twitter follower (if not, become one now!), you have certainly read that we have a "tiny" obsession at the moment. Literally five minutes from the boutique (189 Portobello Road) is this local gem:

Dri Dri offers 14 different flavours of delicious Italian gelato and 6 sorbets, which are every day freshly produced. If you have the good luck to meet the owner in person, he will tell you proudly that he only uses the best ingredients like organic milk, English season fruits and regional Italian jewels like the pistachios from Sicily and so much more (except artificial stuff like colouring, flavouring and thickeners). Don't get him started on the traditional process "mantecazione", which he uses to bring us gelato like in bella italia.

You'll obviously be spoilt for choice, but the nice people working at Dri Dri's are quick to help! Because they are as passionate about ice cream as we are about emerging talent and exciting designers, they will not only let you taste different flavours but they will recommend their favourite one as well.

We are inspired (and were in need of a reason to make a trip down to Portobello Road) and tell you our top 3 flavours.

1. Lampone (raspberry sorbet)

2. Cioccolato extra noir (extra noir chocolate sorbet - beware! might be too chocolaty for some)

3. Crema Dri Dri (gelato)

What is your favourite flavour?

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