Friday, 3 September 2010

Graduate Design Awards Nominees - Fashion and Accessories

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Nicola Williams

Eyewear as an accessory inspires Nicola Williams. She is intrigued by its potential to adorn the eyes and transform the silhouette of the face.

The collection celebrates the versatility of leather as a material, whilst exploring the functionality of sunglasses – inviting the wearer to wear a pair on their head or over the eyes.


Jade Little

The collection aims to push the constraints of the intimate apparel industry and create more fashion driven control wear pieces that would be attractive to not only those who wanted them to be functional but also the fashion conscience.

Whilst developing the collection, Jade Little decided that she also wanted the line to have the versatility to carry over in to lingerie and even swimwear.

The result is an innovative new collection, which along with accompanying wooden show pieces, which are bespoke, pushes the boundaries.


Natalie Rae Richardson

‘Well Dressed Animals’ - 2010

Inspired by the anthropomorphic artwork of artist Ryan Berkley, each of the 8 looks invokes the spirit of well-shod wildlife from Berkley's animal portraiture.

Natalie Rae’s collection depicts the wild side of human nature, showing the different elements of our daily lives – the restrained, the carefree, and the wild. Each piece has a unique balance of colours and textures invoking the individuality and humour in each animal's look. The collection also balances a fashion-forward sensibility with sustainability, using organic, ethically sourced fabrics, materials and labour.


Yelena Loguiiko

The collection is inspired by Picasso’s “Portrait of a Woman after Cranach the Younger” and Cubist geometry, which has translated, into my garments as an eclectic twist of cubism-inspired forms that mingle with elements of Eastern European folklore, primary traditional Latvian dresses.

The collection is formed of both evening- and casual wear, with coats and jackets to mach, all designed and produced with great attention to tailoring details. The designs are defined by extended rounded shoulder lines, a boxy loose silhouette and rich draping becoming a funky meets classical.

Elegant and subtle dark tones; flannel grey, heavy burgundy, spruce yellow, antler, wan blue, silver grey and moon form the collection's chic colour palette, while wool and Mongolian wool and jersey ensure that no chilly breeze spoil a winter walk.


Lislie Yeung

The collection:
Inspired by an albino dolphin sighting reported on CNN, Lislie Yeung was intrigued to probe deeper into the genetic condition and how albinos' captivating visuals evokes such strong emotions.

The challenge was to create a soft, ethereal, airy and delicate collection that could evoke similar moods and aesthetics as the albinos themselves.

The rarity of albinos called for the use of exotic materials that played with different textures and shades of white, blush and gradient. Custom prints, materials and buckles were designed specifically to make the collection fresh and stand out in the market. Subtle, technical details were key in the collection.


Domingo Rodriguez

AW10/11 runs on the basis of the spine, the scaffolding lines of the human figure that everything else is built upon. Pieces echo the body creating skeletal forms created through engineered pattern cutting.

The design is streamlined to give a soft, sleek, refined finish for a collection that draws on situational elegance, consisting of pieces that have no base in any fixed history, yet are resonant of many.

A softly tailored; layered silhouette is a reflection of the fibre content and colour. The culmination of these factors create a sense of nonchalant luxury with soft lustrous fabrics and textures, cashmere, layered sleek jersey and sheers, softly blistered leather and suede.

Colours run from nude, flesh and bone through to neutral hues of dust, ash and mink.

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