Friday, 17 September 2010

Hunting in the City

With the start of London Fashion Week you will find them out there... the Fashionistas. Running from show to show on the hunt for the newest trends and hottest designers, but equally for the game of see and to be seen. Considering the busy schedule of cat walk shows and demonstrations, trainers would be more appropriate, but we know our priorities... We have put together our "hunting outfit" to leave Notting Hill and join the hustle and bustle of London Fashion Week.

We settled for the "Black Pagastick Skirt" from Ricardo Dourado in combination with one of the must-have items of the season, a Cape. Under this stunning "Cotton Cape with Pleated Details" by Natalie C is the "Magdalena Bodysuit" by Obey My Demand. We love how the leather sleeves give the whole outfit the certain extra. The suit without the cape will be perfect for the fashion parties at night, as the bodysuit has some more features than just the leather sleeves in stock.
If you want to have a closer look at the collection from Obey My Demand you should visit us at Saturday 25th September, when Obey My Demand will be holding a Trunk Show in our boutique!

We prefer Gil Carvalho's incredible high heels "Buzz" to trainers and can't think of any better name for those shoes. As soon as we stepped out of the boutique, we had women commenting on them!

In accordance with the our "Hunting" theme we chose the subtle "Rockwell Stud Earrings" by Macha as they reminded us of little rocks.

As soon as we had picked the outfit we knew that we have to use Tomasz's "Gun Pendant" necklace.

The finishing touch is the “Bear in Circus” ring by Eleftheria Lamprou-Karela, which adds some playfulness. It is always good to stop for a second and smile during this hectic week.

Happy London Fashion Week -we are looking forward to seeing you out there!

Obey My Demand – Magdalena Bodysuit £595
Ricardo Dourado – Black Pagastick Skirt £180
Natalie C – Cotton Cape with Pleated Details £345
Gil Carvalho – “Buzz” £520
Tomasz – Gun Pendant black & yellow £145
Eleftheria Lamprou-Karela – “Bear in Circus” ring £1370
Macha – Rockwell Stud Earrings £160

All items available in the Wolf & Badger boutique

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